Belief Space Planning for Mobile Robots with Range Sensors using iLQG

Stochastic Motion Planning under Partial Observability for Mobile Robots with Continuous Range Measurements

Trajectory optimization on manifolds with applications to quadrotor systems

Manifolds are used in almost all robotics applications even if they are not modeled explicitly. We propose a differential geometric approach for optimizing trajectories on a Riemannian manifold with obstacles. The optimization problem depends on a …

Fast, autonomous flight in GPS-denied and cluttered environments

Abstract One of the most challenging tasks for a flying robot is to autonomously navigate between target locations quickly and reliably while avoiding obstacles in its path, and with little to no a priori knowledge of the operating environment. This …

Robust Stereo Visual Inertial Odometry for Fast Autonomous Flight

Planning Dynamically Feasible Trajectories for Quadrotors Using Safe Flight Corridors in 3-D Complex Environments